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The following are true testimonials we have received regarding people's experiences with LUXTURAL:

As a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, practicing at a private clinic in France for the past 15 years, I use a lot of non-invasive procedures such as Fraxel (laser treatment) and Thermage (radiofrequency).
LUXTURAL skin care, is the only line I can see as a part of my work. They are easy to use, multi tasking for all skin types and multiple indications, shows me that they are WORKING.
About its unique technical aspects: a real biotechnology that is rare to find in today's cosmetic products; Luxtural's progressive and lavish use of only the best ingredients; an honest and very efficient product line with "green" technologies.
For me, I haven't had such well-hydrated, soft and glowing skin for ages! I also saw spots on my face diminished after about one month of use.
Using Luxtural is pure luxury and wellness.
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon
Dr.K.I.K. Chardel- van Haaften

I am new to LUXTURAL .. Just several months .. And I have just one word : "AWE"
I will never switch again .. What these 3 PRODCUTS do, no other PRODCUTS do or did to my skin !
Galia, NYNEW

Several years ago after using all the "big Luxury brand names": La Prairie, Shiseido, Sisley and many others... I started using LUXTURAL.
Since then I am constantly receiving compliments on the way my skin looks and people ask me all the time if I've had any procedures done...?
The answer is only LUXTURAL. The best skin care products I have ever used.
My skin looks and feels tighter, brighter, and much more glamorous!
The amazing part is that no matter if it's winter or summer I always feel that the amount of hydration and nourishment is perfect, and my skin is always balanced.
I don't have that "shiny" look, my skin is very comfortable all year around while in the past I had to change regiments all the time.
I am an international business traveler and my colleagues and business associates are amazed at the improvement of the condition of my skin.. And I've passed 50!
Do not hesitate! run and grab Luxtural's "Ultimate Experience". It really feels like your own personal spa, amazing and refreshing, and it really, really works!
Beth Doron, PANEW

As a beauty writer for the best-selling evening newspaper (Evening Express) I discovered Luxtural products four years ago, and since then I have never looked back. I can genuinely say in all confidence within a week of using the trio of products, I along with many of my friends and family, noticed a marked improvement in my skin. Overall, it helped reduce the deep lines, especially around my cheek/nose area, and around my eyes. My skin was left silky, smooth, and best of all ??. Totally hydrated. Any opportunity I have to feature this product I do. I certainly would not hesitate to put my name alongside this fabulous
range of luxury skin products.
Donna Ewen, UK

Once in a blue moon, an innovative product line like Luxtural is developed. This is a luxurious, high end skincare system that works to provide a sensational result ? smooth, hydrated, younger looking skin. The packaging is as unique as the feel of these deluxe products. They're wonderful.
Cynthia Rowland, Creator of Facial Magic,
Beauty Expert and The host of The Radio Talk Show Ageless sisters.

Growing up in a family where the business was supplying RAW materials into the cosmetic and skin care industry can make you very leery of spending a lot of money on makeup and skincare knowing that so much of what you are paying for is label claims and pretty packaging. Over my lifetime, I admit I have broken down and purchased those unbelievably, expensive products hoping for miracles. I had never found one that I wanted to purchase again until I found LUXTURAL.
It was my birthday, about 5 years ago, when I was perusing Henri Bendals with my little daughter and found LUXTURAL. I went thru a short demonstration with the products and was instantly sold. I purchased the 3 piece kit and started using it right away. When I was finished with the products, I will admit the price was intimidating. However, since then I have rethought my perspective on that. One kit lasts me long enough to justify the price and the benefits justify it 100 times more. My skin is so HYDRATED and SMOOTH. It feels amazing to glide your hand across my face. My daughter has said to me many times my face is so soft and smooth. Anytime I would have a facial, the esthetician would always say that I need to drink more water, that my skin was dehydrated. I get the opposite comments now. Another big thing I have noticed since using LUXTURAL regularly is that when I have Botox or fillers, the needles don?t have to crack through my dry layer of top skin. I could always here the crackle and now NO MORE.
I am so grateful to Ilana at the helm of the customer service at Luxtural. She has gone above and beyond to make sure I understand all about the products and their benefits and keeping me informed about any offers and programs.
Even as my business of 21 years focuses on CERTIFIED ORGANIC raw materials for cosmetic and personal care use, I still recognize and CHOOSE to use LUXTURAL as my personal skincare. I love it and use at least twice per day. Sometimes I just spritz my face for UPLIFT!!!!!NEW
Allyson H

I was introduced to Luxtural at least three years ago. I loved it then but was not sure I could afford to use it regularly or that there was not another brand as good. So I tried many other products, Prevage from Elizabeth Arden, Ren, Aromatherapy,Dr Hauschka, Orogold to name a few. I even believed the hype from the on line massive advertising of Juvesiio and Flawless Elite promising an improved complexion after 30 days! I have returned to Luxtural and only wished I had sooner. I am a working grandmother of 63 still working with my husband and even he has noticed the difference.NEW
Anne, London, UK

As a woman of leisure I always used high-end name brands and when switched to Luxtural was a bit sceptical.
After a year of using the product I can say its the best luxury skin care I have ever used, fast results, my skin feels and looks glamours.
Luxtural became my own mini spa and I started to use it all over my body. 5 Stars.NEW
Sharon J, Chicago, IL

Post skin cancer patient miraculous results.
After using Luxtural skin healed within 4 months, scar above my lip almost completely disappeared.
In general my skin fills silky, smoothie, history of itchy skin disappeared within 30 days.
Aging spots totally diminished and lines completely gone.
This product turned a total none believer in cosmetics to an absolute loyal customerNEW
Abby T, NJ

Living in extreme dry climate, and having a dry skin, this is so far the best luxury product that is also green that gave my skin supple look and feel.
My skin is extremely hydrated, tightened, lifted and my husband ask me if I changed a plastic surgent.
I must admit I do a lot of bottox and fillers, Luxtural products extended the results big time.
You can't beat Luxtural.NEW
Bobby V, South California

I can not say enough about the Luxtural line of products.
My skin looks better than it ever has!
I never liked anything I tried as it felt heavy on my skin and I never saw improvement. Also I am 49 years old and never really paid much attention to skincare.
With the Luxtural line I saw and see improvement immediately. My skin is dewey fresh, soft and fine lines seem to have diminished especially under the eyes.
Thank you for an excellent product that lives up to what it claims!
Very Sincerely Yours!NEW
Gia M. frp, PA

Dear all I will like to say that LUXTURAL skin care has been the answer to my prayers in fixing my skin condition of Malasma.
As I visited many dermatologists and plastic surgeons and submitted myself to Fraxel laser treatments with no avail, in hopes that my condition will go away. which causes dark spots on the face also known as pregnancy mask, liver spots and/or sun damage spots. As well as spending thousands of dollars. and had to use three full coverage foundation to camouflage such a horrendous map of dark spots all over my face. I started using "LUTXURAL" products and I started seeing a major difference on my skin and the dark spots starting disappearing like magic. Within 5 months my dark spots were lighter and lighter. At this point I am only using mineral powder foundation or a light weight tinted moisturizer. And since I have good skin due to Luxtural products that also have stop me from getting wrinkles at 50 I am static. The products as I was told with their incomparable NANO technology and by penetrating to the deeper layers of the skin have been working wonders in all aspects of aging and texture on my skin. The best thing that has happen to my skin in years. I honestly can say. Hope all of you reading can have a chance to try this wonderful skin care line. The service at the counter at Henry Bandels was unparallel. Amazing knowledgeable staff and super courteous . With the undisputed Henry Bandels guarantees of full satisfaction to their clients. Hope you are as lucky as me in finding LUXTURAL.
Suzy V, NY

I came across, luxtural, a fabulous skin care line, through a friend who was recommending luxtural after using it for few years.
One day I asked her what did she do to her skin? I was sure she had Botox, but did not dare to ask her...until I did. Honestly at first I did not believe her, however after using it myself I understand.
So I got it last fall and using it for several months'...I must tell you I am my self surprised how well the products did to my skin so quickly and my skin is so much smother brighter and healthy looking skin, fine lines diminished very gradually and my skin is tighter and lifted and some spots from the sun, got brighter..people keep asking me what did I do in my face..? As my skin is glowing!
I used in the past other Luxury skin care lines, non of them compare in their results and feel to Luxtural.
What I like the most, about Luxtural is: that 3 Multi Tasking products are every thing I use to get a better skin. I am in my 50's and always looked amazing and younger, however I feel Luxtural, just helped me to take it another step. Luxtural has a great natural smell that does not interfere with any perfume or deodorants that I use and it has no parabens and no mineral oils...as I am very sensitive and Luxtural is so good for my skin, I am recommending Luxtural and it gives a real Hydration and very soft baby skin!
Ethya F, CA

People often asks me if I did Botox..? The answer is: no! I have being using this fabulous line called: Luxtural for several years and I can not tell you enough about it.
Luxtural is a rare gem and you should all know about it:
I have been using high end cosmetics since I am 25 and today I'm in my mid 50's...I had never had a product line that delivered such significant results in such a short time and my skin never looked better...
Mainly my skin is brighter, tighter, glamour's looking and smoother , SO SOFT to touch ...I need less make up and also less amounts of products with time, as the line has some serious long term results that bullied up deep in your skin and I feel it. My skin is also more hydrated from inside....which is a rare quality that I was looking for in skin care. Most products I had tried peel off from your skin and if they do not , they do not penetrate deeper to the skin...Luxtural just does it and in 5 minutes of application and you feel all is inside your skin.
Also the skin is texture feels more dense, this is with out mentioning the amazing natural gentle aroma and the Luxurious feel I get when I use it.
If you have spots from the sun, lines or any scares tissues, or your skin is dry or very dry...do not think twice...use Luxtural and you will be so amazed....and you get all these benefits in only 3 products, Brilliant!
You might wish to apply one side and wait 5 minutes and then see the difference....I am sure you will be surprised.
Small tip: you need to be persistent and use it every day..
Also take pictures every week especially at the side of your face and the ?crow feet's?...you will be surprised.
Simply The Best!
Paloma C, New Jersey

I have been using Luxtural for about two months and I am truly amazed at the change in my skin. It was my husband who noticed first, causing me to take a closer look. Upon examination, it was clear that the wrinkles have softened considerably and the texture of my skin is greatly improved. There seems to be a glow emerging that I only remember from my youth. To say I am thrilled with the results of this product would be an understatement. Thank you
Carol L, Arizona

I am using these amazing products by Luxtural for several months, every morning and night and I am enjoining the results very much.
The results are: Softer Smother, Cleaner and much more Glamour's looking skin. I love very much the "feel and the touch" of the anti aging deep moisturizing cream and serum. I am especially happy to nourish my skin with Natural, Healthy, Quality skin care products, like Luxtural. Thank you Luxtural!
Lilac B, Idaho

I have been using Luxtural products for about 2 months now and love them! The first thing that strikes me about the product is what a sensorial and enjoyable ritual it is to apply the product every day. There is nothing better than the gorgeous smell of luxtural. Lets talk about my skin... It's glowing and happy! I love how it looks thanks to luxtural!
Allison R, NY

I am always looking for the best skin care that actually deliver results and during my experiencing with several luxury skin care brands I've found out that Luxtural's products are working best for me! they are promised to be anti-aging and I can really see the results on my skin, thank you!
Julia S, France

I have had 3 episodes of skin cancer on my face - all related to sun exposure- all 3 products, particularly my favorite- Sophisticated Veil serum- have drastically improved my skin. I use them everyday & I believe my skin definitely looks better- is softer, less dry & it is healthy! Thank you, Pnina- it was nice to see you again at Bendel's
Michele R, NY

So far I used Sisley products and I bought the full set of products and I am totally happy with them. I know they are not available in Italy yet but I saw I can easily buy them on line. I am really happy with my Luxtural products and I'll talk about them to my friends as well because the results I am experiencing are really surprising.
Simona F, Italy

I've also got to say that I've been using Luxtural products for about a month now and I can't stop raving about the product to everyone I meet. I no longer have "old lady neck", wrinkles on my forehead that were starting to become prominent are no longer visible, and my skin feels so soft I keep caressing my neck. Your product is just fabulous and I intend to keep telling people so.
Susan W, NY

Hurry! My skin is crying your name! . True!
Claudia K, TX

I am about to leave for the day but could not let another minute pass before I tell you how I CANNOT BELIEVE your products!!! I started using them on Wednesday night and I absolutely cannot believe my skin!!! First, the way they FEEL is indescribable! My skin feels like SILK!! The smell is amazing too. But even better than that, when I woke up yesterday morning, I looked like I had makeup on!!! My skin looked SO "fresh". I just can't believe it ? and I am not just writing this to make you feel good. If it was not true, I simply would not write anything. This morning when I woke up, my sister-in-law said, "you took a shower already???" and I said, "no, I just got out of bed" and she said, "you look so good!!!" and she doesn't even know I was using something new on my skin. Pnina, I feel like my face is screaming, "THANK YOU!!!!!"
Amy, Connecticut

I have been enjoying the Luxtural products more than any other products I have ever used before. The products have very soothing scents and get absorbed quickly leaving a velvety feeling of moisturized and rejuvenated skin. I especially like the mist that can be used over makeup and gives a refreshing feeling to the skin. I have been working long days and evenings and feel my skin has the nourished moisturized feeling throughout the day. Great products I strongly recommend!
Rachel, New Jersey

I have been given the three-stage products and tried them myself. Within weeks I felt my skin super soft, revitalized, and radiant. I have very dry skin and usually I have to moisturize it often during the day, but when I use these combined products I feel that my skin is hydrated for the whole day. I love the fresh feeling of the water and the way the creme and serum feel and how immediately they are absorbed in the skin. The natural smell contributes to the sense of vitality and healthy look of the skin. I highly recommend the use of these products to my best friends. No more dull skin and dry lines: it was time to have such a great product! Thank You!
Yarona, U.K.

I had the pleasure to use your Luxtural facial products for a while... I had to revert to using the products I used previously, products that are considered to be good ones. I have to tell you that I feel a great difference as a result of the change. After starting to use Luxtural, I noticed that my skin became smoother and softer to touch. Now after having to go back to my previous products, I have lost some of that great feel and softness of my skin. I am looking forward to the launch of Luxtural.
Lea, N.Y.

I've been using LUXTURAL PRODUCTS in the last two months with great pleasure. I find it outstanding compared to any other brand-simple or luxurious, which I have tried over the years. I've never before used products, which leave a real feeling of moisturized skin throughout the day. I enjoy the fact that the smell is natural no added perfumes. I am definitely a long-term costumer.
Sara, Israel

I think the products work better than anything else I have ever tried.
Brian, New York

I've been using your {Luxtural} products. After applying them, I could actually feel them working on my skin throughout the day. The main feeling I had was that my skin was tighter, smoother and softer. I love it! Also, my friends at the office told me, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR FACE?" "YOUR SKIN LOOKS SO GLAMOROUS"! I strongly recommend the use of Luxtural's products.
Netta, U.K.

After using the products, for the first time I have relief from the consistent irritation and dryness that I have and always had. My skin feels really moisturized and refreshed all day. From the first minute I felt the difference. People even had asked me lately if I had undergone a "special treatment" for my skin, or maybe cosmetic surgery. In comparison to other products that I have tried, these products are much more effective in giving a moisturizing feeling and my skin looks great all day.
Seffi, Israel

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